Decorative Veneers IS:1328

Make your interiors vibrant and vivacious choosing from a wide variety of Woodgard Premium veneers that are well-reckoned for their beauty and durability. The aesthetic value of your home will be enhanced by the elegance of these attractive veneers. At Woodgard Premium, we take extreme measures to produce the best-quality veneers by following a professional quality procedure to churn out durable and glamorous veneers that match global standards. Woodgard Premium veneers also have the benefit of advanced technologies like Glue Line Poisoning Technology and Flat Even Surface Technology.

Woodgard Premium Veneer range opens a whole new world of wood working to even the most experienced craftsperson. Our exotic collection can turn simple projects into a masterpiece of elegance. Using Woodgard Premium Veneers will give you a unique opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful and glamorous woods in the world without having to spend heavily. So go ahead and shape your dreams with striking beauty of multitude variety of timbers ranging from Walnut to Rosewood to Mahogany to Ebony. The mesmerizing Woodgard Premium Veneers will make your interiors stunningly beautiful.