LTE (Low Toxic Emission)

To give excellent strength and bonding in all our products, we make sure that only best-quality glue is used. Woodgard Premium has its own adhesive and glue manufacturing plant where we work intensely with continuous research and development initiatives to produce finest Glue line Technology that promises lifetime bonding guarantee, unmatched borer proofing & termite resistance too.

We offer to our clients a wide range of plywood that is made of selected dipterous species. The veneers used in the core and panel of these plywood have no overlaps, splits or gaps. These are bonded with an un-extended phenol formaldehyde resin clubbed with the revolutionary glue line poisoning technology. Our range encompasses MR plywood, BWP plywood, marine plywood; film faced shuttering plywood, flexible plywood, decorative veneers and flush doors.

We know our customers expect best from us: this revolutionary GLP is our endeavour to live up to their demands and compete with global brands as well. This technology provides much superior GLUE bonding which makes the plywood borer and termite resistant.