Why Woodgard Premium?

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Wood Seasoned 100% moisture free dried in seasoning chamber. Sun dried improper seasoning.
WOOD Finest Quality of woods used. All mixed quality wood used.
Laboratory and Chemicals Imported Chemicals for maximum quality control, each lot lab tested. Local available chemicals and machines, no quality checks.
Peeling of Wood Advanced peeling equipments ensure zero thickness variation, therefore, smooth surface & better finishing, better gloss Outdated equipments used, core collection from outside sources, surfing their profitability.
Board Composition Tightest filling ensuring longer life, better durability. Loose filling with gaps.
Machinery Sophisticated new Generation Machine used for high grade quality. Old Generation Machines.
Glue Kettle In house Glue manufacturing gives better bonding. No Glue Kettles. Glue purchased from other sources.
Quality checks Material dispatched only after strict checks, per piece inspection. Poor quality checks.
Customer’s Complaints Proper attention to the customer complaints & steps taken to remove deficiencies. Improper dealing with the customers.
Upgradation 100% sincere Exposure to Industrial world Upgradation in best possible manner. Low upgradation